Baby Gavin // Newborn Lifestyle Session // Boston Lifestyle Photographer

Cassie is a friend from teaching, so as soon as I found out she was having a baby and she found out I did photography, we began planning a newborn session. Complete with ties and sunglasses. Now of course once baby Gavin arrived, he had a much different agenda for the shoot, so things didn't go quite as we had planned. The family dog Gus did cooperate beautifully though, and our friend Christine was there when we needed a good hand gate.

Even at just two weeks old, Gavin already had so much personality and spunk. First of all, he's the strongest baby I've ever met. No lie. He actually rolled himself across my whole belly while I was holding him during a visit! And would have rolled himself right off of me if I wasn't careful. Shortly thereafter, he figured out how to roll over completely on his own. At two weeks old. Craziness. He hates to be swaddled and he definitely did not really enjoy being photographed.  Mostly, he threw a big ol' tantrum and refused to stay asleep or be comforted so you'll probably be seeing a follow up post soon. But, we did get a very brief three minute nap which we took full advantage of to throw on some ties! None the less, he's a teeny tiny peanut (was just over 6 pounds when he was born!) and still so gosh darn cute, even when he's furious.