Baby Delilah // Newborn Lifestyle Session // Boston Lifestyle Photographer

What happens when one of your best friends has a baby? You fall in love with a teeny tiny little person. Meet Delilah Grace! She is straight perfection, and everyone is over the moon with love. Wellllll, everyone except the first born cat O'Brien. But he'll get over it. Someday. Anyway, I hung out with eleven-day-old Delilah, Mary, and Ryan for the afternoon snuggling, and eating, and sleeping, and eating, on repeat. It's kind of hard to describe the pride and love you feel watching friends (that are really like family) turn into parents overnight in such an effortless way. Seriously, how did you two get so good at this parenting thing so fast? I'm in awe. Complete awe. That's why I love lifestyle sessions so much. Getting to witness families just loving on each other and being with each other in such a no frills, authentic way. The good stuff. It was amazing to see this new little family of three (plus one grumpy cat) kind of already settled into their routine. And, Delilah? She is slaying the baby game. I mean seriously. She is a magical angel baby and I don't just say that because I'm an auntie. She is so chill and so sweet and so snuggly. You can lose hours just lying on the couch with her (been there) and really, why would you want to move? I mean look at those lips and toes and big ol' eyes staring at you? I can't. I simply cannot. Endless love to these three!