Bridget + Jon // Duxbury Maritime School Wedding // Boston Wedding Photographer

Normally I start a blog by gushing about bride, and I'm totally going to get to that, don't worry. But for this wedding I want to start by talking about the groom, Jon. One of the best things about photographing weddings is witnessing how two people complete each other. This was never more evident than on Bridget and Jon's big day at Duxbury Maritime School. Now, for anyone that doesn't know Bridget you should know that she has a big personality to match an even bigger heart. She's boisterous and outgoing and I had never seen her more calm than that morning. She even kept remarking "I can't believe how calm I am!" All because of Jon. He was calm and collected and he totally grounded her. It was so beautiful. Right before their first look on the lawn of her mother's home, he whipped out his cell phone. Not to text or surf the web, stay calm. He took a video. Of himself. The moment before seeing Bridget for the first time and my heart basically exploded. Then, her daughter Ruby joined the first look and I had to pick up the pieces of my heart off the lawn. Because what's even more magical than two people completing each other is when it completes a family. 

After the first look we headed to Duxbury for an intimate oceanside ceremony with family, complete with a bagpiper to pay homage to Jon's Scottish roots. Bridget's brother and Jon's sister each did a reading and then Ruby finished with a reading from Pooh (tissue!). Guests then joined them for a cocktail hour and reception on the lawn and upstairs, overlooking the harbor. It was an evening full of so much love, so much laughter, and the most perfect sunset. Congratulations Bridget and Jon!