Wanderlust: California (Big Sur and Golden Gate Bridge)

The first half of my California trip was totally great and all, but these are the images I've really been anxious to post. The second half of the trip included road tripping to BIG SUR, something I had been dreaming about for yearrrrs. No joke. The amount of excitement I had over going to Big Sur can't really be put into words. I think I'm still freaking out about it. We drove up to Monterey and spent a night there first, before continuing on to Big Sur. Monterey was a cool beach town, but the weather was a little overcast and chilly so not exactly beach weather. This is about when I start freaking out that it won't be a sunny day in Big Sur, and as we drove along the coast I was getting so nervous. Fog, clouds, overcast everywhere. But somehow, as luck would have it, as we entered the Big Sur area the clouds broke and there was sun. I really can't even describe how breathtaking it is. All the heart eyes times a billion. I could have stopped to take pictures every two feet, each view just kept getting better! 

Our first Big Sur adventure was a picnic at Pfeiffer Beach. It's a secluded beach cove area with tall sand dunes on one side and tall ocean cliffs on the other. And the sand is purple. From there we went to McWay Falls where you hike along the top with views down to the waterfall. The color of the water and the palm trees and the waterfall made it feel like we were on a tropical Caribbean island. Which is one of the coolest things about California, how diverse each place is. All you have to do is drive for a few miles and you're suddenly in a whole new landscape. Our last official stop was to Bixby Bridge. The bridge is staggering and I can never wrap my head around how people build crazy bridges like that! 

Speaking of building crazy bridges... the Golden Gate bridge is so. freaking. big. And over ocean. We met up with a few more friends and biked it (with about 984579 other people and it was a "slow" day). Obviously the views are also beautiful, I'm pretty sure 95% of my trip was spent having beautiful views. After we got across we biked into Sausalito for lunch and then took the ferry back. (I'm 100% certain my butt could not have handled more biking.) California, I love you big. Until we meet again...