Kelly + Shaan // Ward's Berry Farm Maternity Session // Boston Lifestyle Photographer

Kelly + Shaan // Ward's Berry Farm Maternity Session // Boston Lifestyle Photographer

It's so hard to believe that Kelly and I met at BU 14 years ago already! Where has the decade plus gone?! We met our freshman year, living in the same building and being in the School of Education together...

Baby Delilah // Newborn Lifestyle Session // Boston Lifestyle Photographer

Baby Delilah // Newborn Lifestyle Session // Boston Lifestyle Photographer

What happens when one of your best friends has a baby? You fall in love with a teeny tiny little person. Meet Delilah Grace! She is straight perfection, and everyone is over the moon with love. Wellllll, everyone except...

Mary + Ryan // Sharon View Nursery Maternity Session // Boston Lifestyle Photographer

Mary + Ryan // Sharon View Nursery Maternity Session // Boston Lifestyle Photographer

This session is so special to me on so many levels. First off, Mary and Ryan are about to be parents for the first time in just a few short weeks. Where did the months go?! Wasn't it just summer? This means I'm going to be an auntie...

DIY Flower Crowns // Boston Lifestyle Photographer

I co-hosted my best friend's baby shower last weekend, and her sister and I went with a garden party theme. Not only is she having a girl, but she loves all things pink, gold, and girly so it was the perfect fit for her. When we first started planning I had visions of us all wearing cute dresses and flower crowns like a dozen Princess Buttercups. Then, reality hit and I remembered that I had a full time job and sadly it wasn't making flower crowns. So, I settled on one flower crown for the mama-to-be so she would be the enter of attention (the way it should be!) 

I found my original inspiration for DIY flower crowns on Pinterest months and months before this. Confession: I turned the wedding Pinterest board I had made for my BFF into a baby shower board pretty much after they said "I do", so let's just say I'd been planning this shower in my mind for quite some time. Anyway, as anyone who has ever tried to recreate a Pinterest project knows, you need to do a test run and also assume it will fail miserably. So a few weeks prior to the shower I hit up Michael's followed by my local Shaw's (because they have some seriously pretty flowers in their 3 bunches for $12 spot) and embarked on the project. Result: It was totally successful. And fun! Annnnnd now I think I'm addicted to making flower crowns. Is there a way to make this my full time job?!

-floral wire
-small wire cutters
-2-3 bunches of flowers, depending on size

I got the floral wire for $1.99 at Michael's (it comes on a spool) and you can even use a coupon (!!!) so it was basically free. I made 3 crowns and the spool doesn't even look touched at all so you definitely don't need more than one. 


Before you start, let your flowers stand in a vase with water and their flower food for 1-2 hours in the fridge. This really helps the flowers last overnight (or longer) and stay looking fresh! I went with a color scheme of pinks and purples on this one, but really, the sky's the limit on color combinations!

1. Measure around your head with the wire, making sure not to fit it tightly to your head. Because you're going to be adding a significant amount of flowers to the wire, you want it a little loose to start so that it will be secure when you finish. 

2. Taking little sections of greens, attach them to the wire base by wrapping them in wire. Don't panic that you can some of the wire, it's going to end up completely covered by the flowers.

3. Continue wrapping greens until you get all the way around. I included some small flowers along with the greens just to add to it.

4. Trim all of the leaves off of your flowers and cut them down to about 3-4 inches in length.


5. Gently wrap the wire around the base of the flower, leaving extra at the end to use to secure the flower to the crown. Continue to add additional flower stems in the same direction, laying the new stem in a way that covers the wire from the previous stem.

Once you've made it back to your first stem, you're done! You can check to make sure all of wire is covered, and add additional small greens or flowers as needed to hide any wire that might be poking out. If you won't be wearing the crown immediately, store it in the fridge so it stays fresh and lasts longer! Otherwise, put it on, frolic through a field, and generally feel like a magic princess. Enjoy! 

Total time: 1 hour (excluding flowers soaking)