Leona + Max // Lesley University Engagement Session // Boston Engagement Photographer


Leona and Max met at Lesley University during their masters program in counseling, so they thought it was fitting to have their engagement session there, since it was where their love story began. Welllll, actually, that's not exactly what happened. It was not love at first sight for Leona. She told me that Max was so friendly and open (he really is just the nicest, friendliest guy!) as soon as they first met and Leona just didn't trust it. When Max invited her to his brother's bar to study, she came with her backpack, books, wearing nothing special. Now, if you ask them, there's a bit of a disagreement over whether or not Max actually intended it to be a study date or if he just wanted hang out. He claims he was ready to study, but Leona says otherwise. They began hanging out as friends and slowly that like turned to love and here we are five years later. 

The Lesley campus is a secret hidden gem - it's beautiful and far enough from the hustle and bustle of Harvard Square to be quiet and without the hoards of tourists. We wandered around a bit, stumbled upon a bunny (it's like a Where's Waldo below!), and then headed over to Graffiti Alley. Although it was overcast, it was incredibly hot and humid that day but we laughed about it. In fact, we laughed about everything. These two are so sweet together, laughing and joking and making bets I still don't totally understand. It felt like we had known each other all along! Not only are Max and Leona smart, funny, and friendly, they are also up for anything so when I suggested we also check out Graffiti Alley they were into it. The Alley used to have amazing graffiti artwork all over, but sadly a lot of it has been replaced with tags we discovered. As luck would have it it also began to rain when we got there. There's a covering over most of the alley but it still got a little wet. These two were champs and didn't let a little rain bother them. There's something pretty romantic about snuggling in the rain. Their last image isn't even in focus but I love it anyway!  They'll be getting married next July in Puerto Rico so now I just need to figure out how I can sneak along in a suitcase...