Cape Cod

Liz + Alec // Tented Backyard Wedding // Cape Cod Wedding Photographer

This wedding was magical. The location was Liz's family's beach compound on the cape and it was absolutely beautiful. Little cabins all nestled in the woods on the water? What could be better? And the the light? The light was just perfect. The weather'? Davine.Then you add Liz and Alec, so laid back and laughing the whole time and it doesn't get any better. How Liz stayed so calm is a mystery to me seeing as she had a few big life events at the same time she planned a wedding: started a new job and moved to a new state. But somehow everything came together perfectly and all the little details their family and friends helped to pull together captured them both. Their ceremony was so cozy, squeezed between trees and rocks and overlooking the water. The judge Alec had previously clerked for officiated and it was a blend of Liz, Alec, and their families. Clambakes Etc. hosted a delicious cocktail hour and lobster bake reception. There was eating, drinking, live music, dancing, and most notably laughing. Although there was no wedding party, one of Liz's best friends who dubbed herself the "maid of dishonor" gave the funniest speech I've ever heard to date. Everyone in the room was doubled over and crying, including myself. But my favorite thing about the day was watching Alec look at Liz. So much love. The pictures speak for themselves. Thank you to Yana Davis Photography for joining me and thank you to Liz and Alec for inviting me to capture all the magic. Big congrats!