Ice Castles

Wanderlust: Ice Castles

Somehow last year I came across a photo of the Ice Castles in Lincoln, New Hampshire and I was all in. Except that it was almost spring so they were ending. I was sad and threw the trip on my 2016 bucket list. We (read: I) planned out a day trip, convinced two friends to tag along (poor things!) and off we went. It's a photographer's paradise and I went full touristy mode taking a billion photos and planning a thousand styled shoots in my mind. 

In the event you want to check out the Ice Castles next year, here's a few things we learned. First, pick your time carefully so that it's really close to sunset but still daytime when you arrive. (These time slots fill fast, so book early!) You'll be able to get beautiful photos in the daylight, and then enjoy the whole place lit up at night as well. Second, grab dinner after at Woodstock Station. There will be a wait, you should wait, and you won't be sorry. A few highlights are a vast selection of beers, including 6 they brew, and delicious nachos. Seriously, the nachos. I'm still dreaming about them.