happy place

Sharon View Nursery

For those of you who follow me on Facebook, you know that this year I've embarked on the 365 (well, really 366) project. I'm over a month in and I can't rave enough. Not only is it forcing me to practice my photography, but it's also forcing me to take a moment to appreciate all the little things. Not to mention, get out more and enjoy winter. Last weekend I visited one of my favorite places ever, Sharon View Nursery. It's the cutest place you've ever seen. Seriously. The owner Jim (and everyone else that works there!) is so friendly and so knowledgeable. It's never too crowded. It smells divine. They have lime trees. Lime trees! And best of all? The tropical weather inside year round! What more could you want? Ever since my latest visit, I've been scheming up so many photo shoots in my mind. Until they happen though, here is a little taste of the magic.