Sharina + Marshall // Venice Beach Couples Session // California Engagement Photographer

Being able to photograph Sharina and Marshall in Venice Beach as part of the Jessica Rieke workshop was such a joy. These two are such a special couple and photographing them together left me feeling renewed in my commitment to documenting love stories. To set the scene a little, this day was unseasonably cold and windy as all heck. I mean seeeeeeriously windy; the sand was whipping around in our faces, making it hard and painful to see. But Sharina and Marshall rocked it completely. They spent the entire time snuggling and loving on each other and were completely at home in each other’s arms, despite these conditions. They have such a natural, carefree way about them, and I love that the noise of the world melts away when they’re together. Which totally makes sense for them, because it was kind of a “love at first sight” situation when they met. Life is never perfect, but building a life with someone is so special, and sometimes we lose focus on the value of our relationships after the wedding and children. It’s just as important to document these moments - your love and life together is always worth celebrating.

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