Wanderlust: Scotland

Better late than never, right? I have finally gotten around to blogging our adventures in Scotland from two summers ago! Where does the time go? It’s always important for us when we travel to really “see” a place, so we rented a car and spent the whole week driving all over the country. There was a lot of moody, cloudy weather, especially once we got to the Isle of Skye. The fog was so thick it was hard to see the road in places, but the Isle was definitely a highlight for us as it is just so beautiful and sheep roam free all over, including in the streets at times. My crowning achievement there was slowly sneaking up on a group of sheep at the top of a mountain for almost an hour so that they wouldn’t get scared and run away. It took patience and dedication, but is there anything cuter than sheep bums? We also spent time in Edinburgh and the Scottish Highlands, missing the Highland Games by just a couple days, which was my only regret. Eilean Donan Castle is an absolute must see. It’s situated on the water, as a working castle that the family owners still visit every year. The drive along to get there is so scenic and full of places to pull off for vistas. We also hit up a number of distilleries from Glenlivet to Cardu to Glenfiddich. Turns out, I’m still not a Scotch fan. Here is a little snapshot of our time in the country!